Flat Screen Demos

These are traditional style experiences with VR disabled. You move around using the standard WASD keys, the mouse to look around, E is the use button, and space bar is to jump.

Click anywhere on the window to start.

(Note: if you use a browser plugin like the VIM keybindings plugin, you might need to disable the plugin for the keys to work correctly).


  • Doors - Open the doors! Press the use button (“e” by default), when near a purple cube near a door. Sometimes you need to pickup an Apple.

  • Don’t Stand so close to me - go outside.

  • Fog - Get lost in the dark.

  • Large Map, No textures - This is an example of a custom built Quake deathmatch map.

  • Pretend loading Screen - An example of a loading screen with some sound.

  • FPS - Grab a gun, press 1 to equip it, then left click to shoot.